The Asuogyaman District was established by LI 1431 of 1988. The district shares boundaries with Kwahu Afram Plains North to the north, Upper Manya District to the west, Lower Manya District to the south and South Dayi, Ho West and North Tongu Districts to the east. Asuogyaman is a multi-ethnic district with varied Traditional councils, ethnic groups and cultures. The district is cut apart by the Volta Lake, making it a tourism and acqua- culture hub with great potential for agricultural development.

The District remains one of the most endowed Districts in the country; especially in the areas of tourism, fishing and farming. Population:

The total population is 101,256

  • Females-52,802 (52%)
  • Males-48,723 (48%)
  • Number of communities-149


“The Assembly exists to improve the quality of life of the people by providing and maintaining basic service and other social Amenities within the framework of environmental sustainability and democratic decentralization.”


“A decentralized, development oriented and client focused Assembly”.

The goal of Asuogyaman District Assembly is to address the socio-economic challenges and implement strategies that will accelerate a sustainable growth and poverty reduction towards the achievement of Local, National and International Goals. 

The core functions of Asuogyaman District Assembly as stated insection 12 of Local Governance Act, 2016 (Act 936) as Amended Act 940 are as follows:
•    To exercise political and administrative authority in the district;
•    To provide guidance, give direction to and supervise other administrative authorities in the district as may be prescribed by law.
•    To exercise deliberative, legislative and executive functions.
•    To formulate and execute plans, programs and strategies for the effective mobilization of the resources necessary for the overall development of the district
•    To promote and support productive activity and social development in the district and remove any obstacles to initiative and development;
•    Ensure clean and healthy environment
•    To be responsible for the development, improvement and management of human settlements and the environment in the district
•    To collaborate with the appropriate national and local security agencies, be responsible for the maintenance of security and public safety in the district.
•    Making the Bye Laws and ensuring its enforcement
•    Levy and collect Taxes, Rates, Fees, etc. to generate revenue.
•    Support to needy but brilliant students in the District
•    Undertake other activities necessary in the discharge of any of the functions as conferred by law.

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